Follow Up Care Program

When families leave the centre, they are often left feeling lost without the immediate and close-knit support they were being offered in-house. Our follow up program ensures that women and children who have left our care on-site will continue to be offered help in moving forward with their lives outside our walls. Clients will be given the same degree of service and referrals they were provided with at DRHP until such time that they feel confident enough to branch out on their own. A continuous network of groups, counselling and regular contact ensure that survivors are set up for success.

follow-upThe Follow-Up Care Program helps women by giving them the support they need to transition to a life truly independent of violence. All of our services are free and confidential.

Our programs are designed to help decrease feelings of isolation and provide an opportunity to gain insight into the experience and impact of living through abuse.

Services include:

  • Crisis support and counselling services for women and children
  • Safety Planning
  • Information and Referral assistance regarding housing, income support, employment training
  • Support and advocacy with legal matters including family, criminal, injuries, worker’s compensation, immigration and refugee assistance, and employment insurance
  • Budgeting and managing finances
  • Career training and assistance with resume development, cover letter development, job interview skills and computer skills.

Court Support Program

Our court support program will assist women through the legal maze as they move toward safety and independence. Women are assisted with:

  • Criminal court
  • Family court
  • Court accompaniment
  • Resources and Legal Aid
  • Cultural interpretation
  • Summary advice and Legal information
  • Personal preparation for court.

Counselling Program

This program will support women in a one-to-one as well as group basis in order to help them through various processes as they move through their process of healing.
Services include:

  • Understanding the nature of abuse
  • Advocacy
  • Moving on
  • Exploring and continuing the healing process
  • Goal setting
  • Behaviour management