If You Are Planning to Leave

It is not an easy decision to leave your abusive situation.  It takes courage and strength to make that choice, but it is essential to your protection and survival that you take the necessary steps to ensure your safety.  Be prepared and plan in advance.

  • Have a suitcase with clothing, important documentation and valuables stored at a neighbour or friend’s house.
  • Make copies of all important documentation and keep bills with your information and your abuser’s information on it. (i.e. proof of co-habitation)
  • Bring the following information with you: bank information, personal identification, immigration, citizenship, passports, birth certificates, SIN cards, proof of marriage, bills with both you and your abuser’s name on it with your current address)
  • Bring any prescription medications with you.
  • Put aside money to bring with you.
  • Ask friends and family you can trust for help.
  • Plan an emergency route and try to leave when you know that your abuser will not be around.
  • Devise a safety plan and inform people you trust what your plans are and what to do in case something happens.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers with you.
  • If you have children, do not leave them behind. Take them with you and you will be given assistance to deal with custody issues on-site.