Hiding Your Tracks

When seeking help, always use caution and make sure that you cover your tracks. Here are some ways that you can hide your activity:

  • Ask a friend to help you research information
  • Try to hide any information you have written down in a place where your abuser will not find it. (i.e. hide phone numbers inside of an empty lipstick tube or compact)
  • If you are able, go to a library to use the internet
  • Try not use your abuser’s computer or phone
  • Save up money so you can call from payphones
  • Try to do any research when your abuser is not around


  • Create an e-mail account that your abuser is not aware of
  • Delete any sent messages
  • Create a password that your abuser will not know or guess


  • Try not to use a phone that your partner has access to.
  • If your phone keeps a contact list of who you called, be sure to erase your history after you phone.
  • If we call you, our number will appear as PRIVATE NAME, PRIVATE NUMBER and cannot be tracked.
  • If your phone only stores the most recent number dialed, make sure you call another number after your phone for help.
  • Do not call long distance from a mutual phone as you will be billed and the number will appear.
  • Call from work, someone else’s phone or a pay phone.
  • Avoid calling from your cell phone or your partner’s cell phone.


  • Your internet search activity is recorded regardless of what browser you use.  Search for how to clear your internet search history (how to ‘delete your browsing history, or cookies’) after you have browsed the site of any organization you contact for support.