VIBE Program

VIBE_logo_2014-72Vital Intervention Breakthrough Empowerment

This program works individually and collectively with abused children and youth ages 5 – 29 to work towards the prevention and eradication of violence using Interactive programming. Our initiative expands upon existing practices by working towards holistic wellness for youth, modelled by well-balanced youth leaders.

Expanding Our Vision

While anti-violence is a strong component of our in-house programming, we have also extended our services to include in-school and community programs for children and youth from all walks of life who need support, guidance and inspiration.

VIBE Mission

To strengthen the social and emotional well-being of youth on the move through therapeutic expression as a way to constructively address issues and concerns in their lives, neighbourhoods and society.

VIBE Vision

To educate, inspire and support youth to make healthy life choices in order to maximize their fullest potential and realize their dreams, while promoting non-violence.

VIBE Philosophy

“It is no longer a choice between violence and non-violence in this world; it is non-violence or non-existence.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

VIBE Program Components

Music Interactive Program

Music is a vital part of youth socialization and communication. Our goal is to give children and youth the opportunity to express themselves as an individual as well as part of the larger social community through the art form of music.  The program is used as an outlet for individuals to express themselves through lyrics and song and vent any issues that may be impeding on their success as a person.

The Program uses different genres of music to help stimulate creativity and spark group discussions around topics such as anger, pain, accomplishment, success and personal growth. Each participant has the opportunity to create a song by the end of each term.

Drumming Circle: We all know that it is healthy and normal for a youth to feel angry and want to express that anger in different ways. Our approach differs in that we help our youth to channel their feelings through the healing art of drumming. Using rhythmic beats to ‘hammer out their frustrations’ sparks their creativity and help to free them from emotional burdens.

Whatever It Takes (WIT)

WIT is a program for teenage girls that addresses pertinent issues for young women today, including self-esteem, body image, personal empowerment, societal pressure, life skill development, male and female roles (patriarchy), healthy and unhealthy relationships, effective communication, goal setting and stress management/self-care.

Media Interactive Program

The Media Interactive Program allows youth to express themselves creatively while addressing issues that affect their lives on an emotional, psychological and socio-economic level. Analysis of movies, television shows, internet sites, books, newspapers and magazines that focus on youth facilitates discussion of stereotypes, oppression, peer pressure and other related issues.

Youth are encouraged to create videos, collages, photo journals and other types of personal expression and reflection to work through their issues.

Life Skills Development Program

This program offers educational activities that encourage self-reflection and growth to help youth develop life skills. These programs address self-esteem issues, examine the root causes of lack of confidence and help youth develop affirmative self-concepts. This program highlights the following topics: body image, empowerment, healthy relationships, identifying barriers and triggers, recognizing the balance of power and the appropriate use of autonomy.

Leadership and Mentorship Program

As graduates of the life skills development program, youth will have the opportunity to train as youth leaders and role models and relate their positive growth experiences to other youth. Through training, youth will deliver presentations to schools, organizations and community groups, thus mobilizing other youth-at-risk through their positive action.

Counselling Support

Youth are provided with individual counselling specific to their needs and a plan of action will be devised detailing personal goals and objectives. Through this program, youth have a positive and safe space to express themselves and be heard.