Youth Philanthropy Initiative

YPI-studentsAbout the YPI Project

Once YPI is introduced into a school, every (Grade,Year) 9 or 10 student participates in the initiative. After an introductory workshop, students work together in groups and study the diverse social needs of their community. Then they select a social need that they are passionate about. They research local, grassroots, social service organizations that aim to help members of the community faced with that specific need. One charity is selected after students analyze a number of factors, including its mission, budget, fund allocation and impact on the community. To gain greater insight into the charity, students set up site visits and conduct interviews with charity workers and members of the community who use the services provided by the charity. With research complete, groups put together a 10 minute presentation on their charity and how a grant would help it achieve its mission and better serve its clients. The team with the most compelling presentation wins a ($5,000) grant. The grant is awarded directly to the chosen charity. Thanks to the efforts of all involved, students gain an education in philanthropy, a charity receives support and a community gains awareness of an important issue.

Dr. Roz’s Healing Place and the YPI Project

Dr. Roz’s Healing Place is committed to working with student groups as we recognize that working on the YPI Project gives students the opportunity to become educated and informed about issues that affect societies-at-large.

Not only do students have the opportunity to learn about social issues through the YPI Project, they also become social change agents. Students become the voice of the Organization through their advocacy around discussing the social issues that they have so passionately researched.

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