In-School Programming

We currently offer in-school programming including through our five program streams:

THE VIBE: The VIBE program concentrates on working with teenage boys and girls focusing on personal power, healthy and unhealthy relationships, gang prevention, identifying barriers and triggers, effective ways to deal with anger, goal setting and life skill development.

Whatever It Takes (WIT): WIT is a program for teenage girls that addresses pertinent issues for young women today, including self-esteem, body image, personal empowerment, societal pressure, life skill development, male and female roles (patriarchy), healthy and unhealthy relationships, effective communication, goal setting and stress management/self-care.


Media Interactive: This program examines various forms of media, including movies/film, television, radio, internet and print in order to understand its impact on a teenager’s identity and self-perspective. Analysis and reflection on these types of media will facilitate discussion of stereotypes, oppression, peer pressure and other related issues. Videography and photography will be a component of this program.

Music Interactive: This program examines various forms of music and lyrics and relates what youth are listening to as a means of interpreting and expressing their emotions.  Youth will be given the opportunity to write their own lyrics, engage in self and group analysis and share their creativity with one another.

Cyber Tech: This Program will cover basic computer components, the power of social media and the projected image, cyberbullying and internet étiquette, job applications and basic design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

This program is:

Funded partially by 

The Regional Municipality of York

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