How to Help an Abused Woman

If you know anyone who is being abused:

  • Know the facts about woman abuse
  • Assure her that you believe her story
  • Listen and let her talk about her feelings
  • Do not judge or give advice
  • Talk to her about her opinions
  • Physical safety is the first priority. If you believe she is in danger, tell her. Help her plan an emergency exit.
  • Respect her right to confidentiality
  • Let her know you care and want to help
  • Allow her to feel the way she does and support her decisions. Let her talk about the caring aspects of her relationship as well. Don’t try and diminish her feelings about her partner. Don’t criticize her for staying with her partner, but share information on how abuse increases over time without intervention.
  • Discuss how violence affects children
  • Be encouraged every time she reaches out for help as she is gaining the emotional strength needed to make effective decisions. She may be too fearful and immobilized or confused to take any step immediately.