Curing Puffy Eyes

Curing Puffy Eyes
November 9, 2021

Ok. So recently I had a puffy eyes experience.

After a long and tiring day at the office and having an intimate facial relationship with the computer screen all day, my eyes rebelled. I felt puffiness around my eyes and when I stared into the mirror, I was surprised to see two inflated balloons under my eyes!

So my vision was impaired and I now had to find a way to see the people who would undoubtedly come my way. If these balloons got any bigger, I not only would have impaired vision l would not be recognized. I would be blinded by the pressure that they were placing on my optical zone.

In my mind I immediately revisited my nursing days of the seventies; when all cures for me were holistic and alternative. A time when there was no Dr. Google and no internet. I had to fix this and I had to do it right away.

“Take a deep breathe,” I told myself. “Don’t panic, you have this under control.”

I gave myself two quiet days to fix this and luckily for me it was the weekend.

“Now, what would I have done in the seventies?” I asked myself. “What is available to me in the 2020s?”

In the seventies I would:

Calm myself down.

Apply an ice pack under my eyes to slow down the swelling.

Gently apply a single finger massage to move around the collected fluid so it will be reabsorbed in the body.

Apply a pat of face moisturizer or natural Aloe Vera.

Elevate my head to sleep so that the fluid drains back to full circulation.

Wear a night mask with or without weight.

Avoid drinking water close to bedtime.

Eliminate salt and caffeine from my intake.

Try and get an eight-hour sleep.

Increase the garlic in my diet to serve as a natural antibiotic.

Apply a cold rag over my face on awakening.

Oh, by the way, I also applied used cold tea bags on the puffiness.

What is available to me in the 2020s:



Silicone ice pads

Radio frequency tightening


Laser resurfacing


Natural and holistic approaches to healing are always the least invasive and safe way to heal our bodies, so I settled on going back to the seventies and BRAVO!

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