Dream : An Empire State of Mind

Dream : An Empire State of Mind

January 31, 2022

A time comes when you will have to stand on your own and indulge in your dreams. When this time pops up on you, you must be prepared to shift into gear and get on track. You must be confident, brave and ready to pave and follow your way. You must be prepared and equipped to make sacrifices despite the negative choir in your head: The noises that previously dictated your journey to nowhere. You must be ready to venture solo onward to achieve your life’s fantasies. This may mean setting priorities and sticking with them despite the animosity.
You have the vigour.
Remember your mind is now your empire.

Steam down your path and get ready for when asked, “What’s that?”
Keep your eyes on your ball. Dream with open eyes; don’t fall asleep at all.
If and when obstacles and distractions come your way; don’t walk around them ; don’t stray!
Stay focused and stare.
Come face to face with your life’s test and take no breaks; take no rest.
Eye them down, overpower them and stay on track.
From time to time; You may quiver when you start having to reach for your dreams.
You will soon figure –
Because your mind is now your empire.

Keep your eyes open and reach for your dream.
Don’t settle for a compromise because that may take you down another stream.
A stream that will definitely take you astray; fast moving downhill without much delay.
Don’t trail on someone else’s track because you will get lost; and that’s a fact.
You may be stumbling from day to day without ever finding your authoritative way.
If you do, you will be tracking on an unfamiliar ground.
Keep your ambition intact and always let your fantasy be kind.
This is your time –
Because you are now in an Empire State of Mind.