Food and Nutrition Supervisor (contract)

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Food and Nutrition Supervisor (contract)

Original Posting Date: January 11, 2023 Closing Date: February 13, 2023 Wage: $TBD

Purpose of Position
The Food and Nutrition Supervisor takes on a multitude of responsibilities which include the general upkeep and overall satisfactory condition of the kitchen; ensuring nutritious meals are provided for the women and children residing at the Centre, as well as, making sure that the food prepared and served undergo the appropriate food handling standards.

– In consultation with the other Cook Supervisor and/or Building Manager, plan the lunch and dinner menus, or follow along with the pre-planned menus
– Ensure that vegetarian meals are provided and residents on dietary restrictions are accommodated
– Take the inventory of stock in pantry rooms and refrigerator/freezer units
– Receive and put away all food deliveries in the required locations
– Cook and prepare meals as scheduled
– Ensure that proper daily sanitation and health standards as per covid-19 policies are adhered to by staff, volunteers, and clients
– Sterilize and wash workstation several times throughout the shift
– Perform monthly inventory of food and other supplies
– Report shortages of food supplies and materials to the Building Manager before stock runs out
– Work closely with other Staff\Supervisor to organize weekly food deliveries, manage the assortment of food, organize and store food items properly
– Assist the Food Services Manager with the preparation of lunch and dinner as necessary
– Oversee the washing and sanitizing of all dishes, cutlery, cups, etc., used by Residents or Staff
– Wash and sanitize all pots, cookware and food warming dishes used in the preparation and storing of food
– Transfer food items for appropriate storage in Residents’ Fridge to eat after the end of shift
– Responsible for general organization, tidying, cleaning and sanitization of the kitchen cooking area, refrigerators and freezers on a daily basis
– Actively clean work areas before and after shifts, as necessary
– Work in tandem with the Agency’s expectations
– Apply and complete all tasks within the expected timeframes
– Work independently and oversee the operation of the kitchen while on-shift
– Report weekly to Building Manager
– Order\purchase food\meals
– Perform weekly inventory of grocery, pantry and freezer items
– Perform other duties or assignments as delegated by the Manager
– Meal preparation for 50+ people
– Must be an efficient cook with enhanced cooking skills and experience
– Knowledge of cultural foods and how to prepare them
– Experience baking items such as muffins, cakes, cookies, pies, breads, etc
– Understanding of the Canada Food Guide
– Plan and prepare weekly menu as needed
– Apply all Health and Safety procedures as required and Shelter Standards
– Inform Manager of necessary maintenance, repairs and any unsafe conditions
– Attend staff and team meetings, and in-service training as required
– Work with volunteers and placement students
– Ability to work effectively and cooperatively as part of a team and individually while fulfilling tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Building Manager.
– Identify priorities and manage time effectively to maximize job efficiency.
Qualifications and Experience
– Valid College diploma, GED, 3-5 years cooking experience, and/or a combination of both
– Food Handler’s Certificate
– Current CPR Certificate
– WHIMIS Certification
– Knowledgeable of Health and Safety Act
– Identify and plan meals for the diverse population of women and children served at DRHP
– Identify priorities and manage time effectively to maximize job efficiency
– Knowledge of proper lifting techniques
– Must apply/set applicable boundaries with residents
– Ability to lift items up to a weight of 30 pounds
– Ability to identify possible workplace hazards and address issues immediately
– Good verbal and written communication skills in English
– Well-developed interpersonal skills
– Possess functional computer knowledge to communicate and prepare reports
– Thrive in an autonomous environment and appreciate working individually
– Flexible and can provide Relief Support to the Manager for vacation, statutory holidays and other absences
– Attend training sessions and meetings as assigned
– Continuous and effective communication with the Building Manager
– Deliver all incident reports immediately to the Building Manager and/or designate
Health and Safety
– Work in compliance with the OHSA & apply all health & safety policy and procedures
– Take reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone who may be at risk
– Identify and correct issues that can be addressed immediately
– Cooperate with the Joint Health and Safety Committee, and assist inspectors in carrying out their duties
– Elect JHSC representatives
– Participate in hazard analysis
– Report to Building Manager anything that is likely to be unsafe or hazardous to health and safety of staff or anyone else, and any contravention of the Acts and Regulations
– Report every accident, injury, illness, or other incident arising in the course of, or in connection with work, that has caused injury to staff or another person
– Participate in health and safety orientation, education, and training

Note: We are a 24-hour facility in operation Mondays through to Sundays, including statutory holidays.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic along with Ministry mandate, all staff must provide proof of double vaccination prior to employment. A Food Handler’s permit, as well as currently valid First Aid\CPR certification and police reference check are required prior to the start of employment.

DRHP welcomes applications from women of all races, religions, ethnic origins and sexual orientations. All interested candidates, please submit your resume and cover letter to: .

DRHP is a unionized workplace through OPSEU.