If HE CAN so CAN YOU! May 24, 2021

Women have told me that life is so busy that they can’t make time for themselves. They can’t find the time to do things that they love and enjoy. They can’t find the time in the waking hours to focus on themselves. They can’t self-care.
I recently listened to an interview with a CNN Journalist, Jake Tapper who recently published a book called , The Devil May Dance [my next read].

Jake is a father, husband, journalist, author, and cartoonist. He is a lead anchor for CNN weekly news and hosts a weekend public affairs program. Huge responsibilities! Doing this seven days a week, it is easy to wonder how and when this man finds the time to do the thing that brings him quiet, solitude and comfort. Fiction writing. How did he find the time to produce a best seller, and another soon-to-be best seller? It appears that this is one of Jake Tapper’s self-care activities.
Of course, the interviewer asked him what I was thinking, “When did you find the time to write this best seller given your busy schedule?” Jake paused for a quick moment and said,

“ I take 15 minutes each and every day. Sometimes more.”

Clearly this busy man who operates like most women – wearing a dozen hats and juggling life’s unending expectations – is able to find fifteen (15) minutes per day out of his full compact week to do the things that he enjoys. Activities that bring him quiet, solitude and comfort.
So the question may be, Why am l sharing this information with you?
I am sharing this information because too often when I talk about the importance of self-care to women, I get the “push back.” I get the quick responses.

“I don’t have time.”

“I can’t find time in my busy schedule.”

I don’t want to be seen as selfish.”

Excuses go on and on and on.
But pause for a moment! If Jake can find fifteen (15) minutes out of his extremely busy day, you can do it too!


You deserve quiet, solitude and comfort at least fifteen minutes daily.
That’s a good start.