In Memory of Jack Layton

Dear Friends,

Today I have lost a friend, a supporter, and a confidant.

Jack is known to me as a “street fighter” – he was a consistent and tireless advocate. He was one who believed in all people without any form of discrimination. He was true to his word and he never failed to follow through whether through thick and thin in order to keep his promises to the people. Jack has made a tremendous impact in my professional journey, beginning in the mid 1990’s when he would get on his bicycle and ride from Toronto to Scarborough in order to support me. He worked with me on a number of occasions to raise money to build a centre for women and children who are fleeing violence. Today that centre is known as Dr. Roz’s Healing Place. I can say with great confidence that without Jack’s support, determination and dedication, Dr. Roz’s Healing Place would not be existing in the same form as it is today.

Jack was one of the healthiest men I knew in the late 1990s and early 2000s. As a person who aims to live a healthy life each and every day, I recognize that Jack’s passing has given me different perspective on life. Keeping in mind that Jack has been a mentor and advocate, I encourage you to use your voice in order to bring about social change and justice into this sometimes unjust world, just as Jack Layton has done all his life.

At this time, I want to extend my condolences to Olivia – the existing force. I am sending you strength, beauty and goodness to continue the great work that you both have done. I want you to know that Jack will be forever be in my heart and in my thoughts.

On behalf of Dr. Roz’s Healing Place Staff, Board of Directors, volunteers and all stakeholders of Dr. Roz’s Healing Place, we take a moment to celebrate his work and his life in silence. We wish him a safe journey towards his next destination.

May he Rest In Peace.

Dr. Roz Roach
Executive Director
Dr. Roz’s Healing Place