Inna’s Story


In 2006 my two children and I arrived in Canada. For the first two months our family was happy. After that my ex-husband started abusing me. I didn’t realize that it was abuse. I thought it was a crazy love.

He was controlling me, checking on me every minute, calling constantly. When I was going outside with our kids, he was spying on me and telling me that he saw that I was speaking to a male. My ex-husband prevented me from having friends, going to English as a second language classes. My ex-husband was controlling our finances (I never had money by myself) and he used me to his advantage.

For me there was no rest, no entertainment, no communication with others, no money, no English, no job, no me… It took 2.5 years for my emotions and power to fight for the right things, but one day something came to my mind and I saw my situation differently. I realized with the help of Victim Services, that it was abuse. Different kinds of it in one relationship: emotional, financial, spiritual and sexual. What I went through was a lot of brutality and emotionally I was dying inside. I was scared and thought it was the end of the world – it wasn’t. Now I know. It was the beginning of a new life! It was starting to realize and understand the truth.

With a help of supports in the community I am where I am today. From that wonderful castle, Dr. Roz’s Healing Place I got my power back. I’m strong and confident now! I think about those people as about an Army of Angels. That’s really true. Everybody, who works there is fighting for the truth, freedom, happiness. We didn’t have a place to live and our Angels gave us shelter and food. We had nothing to wear – our Angel the building manager, helped us and we were provided with clothes, toiletries, toys, books and everything that we needed. My Personal Angels, my counsellors helped me to resolve even my tiny problems or requests.

I got my apartment in an amazing location, in a park area, with a huge stadium across the road. I got my full time job. I work as a Private Care giver and part time I work as Concert Pianist, an Accompanist and as a Piano Teacher.

I have a lot of dreams and goals. I became so ambitious nowadays. I know, that a life without the abuse is like the life in HEAVEN!

I want to all of those amazing people, who supported and believed in me, who gave me strength, hope, faith and who helped me to find myself after a long-long journey of abuse. Thank you to everyone at Dr. Roz’s Healing Place. When I was going to that place by a taxi, being scared, not knowing English at all, being frustrated with one suitcase and two backpacks, I couldn’t imagine that from that horrible day that I would be going to a Wonderland called FREEDOM, NEW LIFE, JOY, POWER and BELIEF in myself! Thank you, you gave me back my life.