It’s a Festive Season, Dance with Me

It’s a Festive Season, Dance with Me

December 25, 2021

It’s a festive season once again

“’Tis the season to be jolly!”

But we must not forget it is also the season to heal and reconvene

The season to reflect and reconnect .

So I am sending you an invite

An invitation to join me as I dance with the Stars

As I dance with the angels in the sky

Come Dance with Me.

Dancing with the angels: A mindful moment !

I took my feet off the accelerator for a moment and decided to dance with the angels

Oh, what a beautiful moment .

I felt warm as I headed to the dance hall; not the one in Jamaica

In my head as I transitioned,

I can hear the voice of Bob Marley saying, “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

I felt excited, brave and rejuvenated.

Ready for the dance and hoping to be on time

Ahead of me, I can see the congregated group of coloured entities awaiting my arrival

I can heard the many soft sounds of calming tunes and tones .

I have arrived on time for the dance

In a meditative trance

A smile came on my face .

I kept smiling with excitement

I held on to the smile as my body held on to the warmth of the moment

I can feel the gentle wind on my face as my body swirled and swirled

Flushes of joy and excitement completely absorbed me

Energy that moved through my being like a flash of quickness

Making it difficult for me to hold onto the greatness

I kept grabbing as the moment kept sliding

It was a MOMENT

In a flash, the dance was over

My feet were back on the accelerator

but the smile could not be turned over

Oh, what a moment!

I smiled and smiled but the dance was over

I am ready for tomorrow cause tomorrow will be my Range Rover


Just IMAGINE with closed eyes. Breathe and meditate on the journey

Have a Happy , Happy December 25th day!

Happy Holidays!

Image 1: Snow Dance by Nando Martinez

Image 2: Dancing with Winter by Marina Frolova

Image 3: Woman Blowing Snow Outdoors by Binyamin Mellish