I Am From…

By Jasmine, SURVIVOR

I am from my dead father
Who wanted to make me a lawyer
I am from his prayers and hopes about his ‘son’

I am from my loving grandmom
And from hugs and kisses,
I am from prayer and recitations
And from a dark and lonely house
I am from a strict culture,
Legal, illegal, boundaries and punishment,
I am from the religious minded,
Sin, confession, sacrifice and loyalty

I am from ‘saying yes’
And smiling with a ‘hello, hi’
I am from serving best
Tea, coffee, Coke and punch

I am from ‘that’s it,’
From ‘don’t do it’ and ‘do it now,’
I am from shouts and yells
And from kicks and hits

I am from a free country,
Where I can raise my voice or say my thoughts
I am a LIBERAL and FREE woman,