Rebecca’s Closet

Rebecca’s Closet


Dear Friends of Dr. Roz’s Healing Place:

Every now and then we come across women – strong and courageous women who take a tragedy and turn it into something beautiful to inspire survivors of domestic violence to move forward with hope for a better day. Today we are so pleased to share such a story.  Very recently, an amazing group of women reached out to us to ask if they could support Dr. Roz’s Healing Place by holding a clothing drive and fundraiser in honour of their late friend Rebecca.  Rebecca lost her life to domestic violence and her friends decided that they wanted to turn their pain into healing by organizing ‘Rebecca’s Closet’.  According to the organizers, Michelle, Dorcas, Allyne, Diane, Safiya and Boski, Rebecca was beautiful inside and out and had the kind of personality that drew people in. She always had a smile on her face and was strong beyond any of them. She would do anything for the people she loved. She had such a genuine heart and always put herself before others.  When Rebecca passed, these women wanted to turn their pain into healing while helping others.  Because Rebecca had a love of clothing and shopping, they thought they would combine the two in order to honour her memory.

These women understand that there are so many abused women struggling in silence and that we never know the burdens that others are carrying.  They live by the philosophy that it is important to be kind and compassionate to everyone. Rebecca’s friends all want to send the message that if you are currently living with abuse, to please speak up because there are people that love you and will help you.

In order to support Rebecca’s Closet, please like their facebook page (, contact them with any questions and support Dr. Roz’s Healing Place with your donation of toiletries, linens, teenage clothing, women’s business attire, women’s shoes and bags or gift cards for groceries or essentials.  We always appreciate monetary donations through our website:

We thank Rebecca’s amazing friends for turning their grief into hope for other women and send them all of our love, support and thanks for their warmth, kindness and generosity.

The Dr. Roz’s Healing Place Family