Water as a Universal Healer

Water as a Universal Healer
November 1, 2021

Anecdotally, I hear how beneficial water is to the body, mind and the spirit.
I personally feel a sense of peace and wellness when I am in or close to water.
When I am close to water and mountains, I sense an amplified relationship between myself and nature.

Additionally, I feel wholesome and healthier when I consume the required amount of water each day. So why is water so beneficial and meaningful in our lives?

Water contributed to our lives from the beginning of our existence.
In our mother’s womb we were protected by the water scientifically known as amniotic fluid. This body of water serves to act as a buffer and an absorber to protect the fetus throughout gestation. The fetus feels safe and protected in the cocoon of the mother’s womb. This body of water also serves to help with lung development, prevent heat loss, and strengthen bones and muscles for growth and movement. Water continues to do the same after birth.

One can see and appreciate the benefits of water from the very moment of conception.

After birth, we continue to cherish water for our health and longevity.

Water helps refresh our bodies, relax our minds and strengthen our physical being. On a physical note, we see how drinking the required amount of water each day can assist with digestion, promote healthy weight, enhance physical performance, and support our metabolism.

Being a healer, water acts to initiate cleansing through the elimination of waste. It helps us void, sweat, salivate and defecate. We also know that water serves as the body’s lubricant. Water oils the joints so we can move and groove.

The presence of water alone soothes our nerves, providing immediate emotional support. Have you ever wondered why you feel calmness while being near a lake or beach, or after a shower or bath?

So, you see the connection with water between the inner and outer self.

You see why water is the universal healer and why ingesting the required amount each day is needed for healthy life and longevity. Being submerged in water helps to calm the mind, connect with the spirit and reinvigorate the body. Balance and harmony of the mind, body and spirit is crucial for our wellbeing. Brilliantly, water alone supports all three.

Water consumption leads to good health. Water is THE universal healer. Over 83 percent of the human body consists of water so keep on drinking; water that is!

Image 1: by Rheyan Glenn Dela Cruz Manggob

Image 2: by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

Image 3: by Daniel Torobekov

Image 4: by Elly Fairytale