Exercise Uplifts and Heals! Rise Up and Break The Chain of Violence at This Year’s Fit A Thon!

It’s True! Exercise uplifts and heals.

We all know that exercise benefits us in more ways than one. Sure, it can help you to lose weight and stay fit, but regular physical activity, like going to the gym, hiking, taking long walks around the park, swimming, and even dancing, can also rejuvenate your spirit, especially in times when you feel like everything around you is out of your control. Consider, then, the ways in which exercising can help those in the process of healing from difficult life experiences:

Healing from experiences such as domestic violence is not an easy process. You may feel the need to delay taking care of yourself until tomorrow, so you can tend to your family and other priorities. Exercise plays a vital role in your healing process, so looking after your physical and mental well-being should not have to start tomorrow. It can start today.

Exercising builds your confidence

Exercise does a lot more than make you lose weight and make you feel better about the person you see in the mirror. Physical activity pumps up your endorphins, making you feel uplifted and energized. When in the process of healing from difficult experiences, exercise can increase your confidence by giving you the right dose of happiness and encouragement you will need to conquer a new day.

Exercising helps you make new connections

You may feel lonely as you go through the long journey of self-healing after difficulties such as abuse. Going to a gym, joining a fitness club, or signing up for a sports team will allow you to meet new people and make new friends. Exercising with others will give you the opportunity to surround yourself with positivity, and you will feel a sense of belonging in a community of dynamic people who are striving to better themselves through fitness.

Exercising puts you in control

Often following difficult experiences, you may feel like you have lost control of some aspects of your life. Incorporating exercise into your healing journey will give you the power to make decisions that will put you in a position of control. Just deciding to be more physically active gives you control over your well-being. Designating an hour a day to exercise will give you the chance to think about your dreams, your goals, and, ultimately, your happiness.

Exercising is fun

When you choose a physical activity that suits your interests, exercising becomes a fun retreat from the every day. There are so many exciting activities that you can do to stay active during your healing process, and who says that you have to do it alone? Invite your children, friends, and family! It is the perfect way for you to spend quality time with the people you love and those who care deeply about you.



This Saturday, we will be hosting our 6th annual “Fit-A-Thon for Life”, and we invite you to join us! We have a morning full of fun heart-pumping activities with some of Toronto’s greatest facilitators. Invite your friends, collect pledges, and break a sweat to support women and children who are healing from domestic violence. Together we can rise up and break the chain!

The “Fit-A-Thon” will take place in Spartan Fitness on Saturday, July 13, 2013. Sign-in begins at 9 a.m. and registration is $40/adult and $20/student. Come with a team of three or more and only register for $20/each! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!